AR Energy Service is a newly founded company with great values and over 40 years of hands on experience! We value our customers and all their needs. We want to gain your trust and  build strong relationships with our clients because  without them we do not exist.  We set standards and are hoping to build a more keen reputation in the industry . We have core values that we stand by and with theses we hope to become your #1 choice!


Service- We are committed in providing superior customer service and fostering long term relationships, We will make every effort possible to manage your services whether it be big or small.

Motivation- We strive to do better today than yesterday.

Integrity-We approach everything we do In an honest, fair and professional manner.

Loyalty- We encourage teamwork throughout or organization and strive for loyalty from our clients as there company of choice.

Empowerment- We value the contributions made by our employees and recognize the role each play in our success. We empower them to make the right decisions in the best interest of our company and customers.


AR Energy Service is looking for Qualified Personnel for Full Time Positions we pride ourselves on recruiting, selecting, training and retaining the best employees in the industry.

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